Your donations change lives

To say that your donations save lives is no exaggeration. 

And when it's not saving someone's life, it's often the quality of life that is at stake after a trauma. Speed, precision and accuracy are fundamental in diagnosis and treatment. 

Doctors and researchers will tell you how important your donations are to research and equipment. 

But hearing (or reading) it from the people who are the first to be affected gives these testimonials a special flavour. 

Yes, your donations change lives.

Here are some examples.

Thomas Lee: living after a brain tumour

At just 37 years old, Thomas Lee never imagined he would be diagnosed with a brain tumour. Especially since he is the proud father of a three-year-old boy. However, this is the terrible diagnosis he received in April 2021.

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Antonietta Spedaliere: surviving a hit-and-run

Montreal, August 23, 2017, around 6:30 p.m. As Antonietta Spedaliere was walking to her car as she left the office, a pickup truck hit her head-on and sped off. Horrified by the scene, a colleague rushed to Antonietta’s aid as she lay unconscious on the road.

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Francine Lebel: honouring the memory of a loved one

‘‘Look how nice!’’ Raymond Charbonneau says to his wife, Francine Lebel, in front of the donor honour roll at Sacré-Coeur Hospital, where he is slowly recovering from brain surgery. A few months earlier, in the summer of 2017, the former high school geography teacher suffered a head injury following a bad fall.

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