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There are so many ways to donate... One of the most interesting for you, as well as for the Foundation, is the monthly donation. Simple, easy and flexible, monthly giving allows you to make a commitment to the cause and make a long-term difference for patients. Join the Circle of Big Hearts!


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Mr Pierre Karl Péladeau, partner of our Foundation and Ambassador of the Circle of Big Hearts:

“My father, my family and I have a special attachment to the Sacré-Coeur Hospital and have happily supported its projects since the creation of the Foundation, 45 years ago.
I decided to go the extra mile by joining the Circle of Big Hearts initiative for 3 years now. Why not join me in becoming a loyal donor for many years to come? Together we can make a difference for Sacré-Coeur over the long term!



Denyse Lapierre, monthly donor and patient:

As a resident of Ahuntsic, Denyse Lapierre was born at the Montreal Sacré-Coeur Hospital and gave birth to her three children there. It is her neighbourhood hospital. Her attachment to the experts at Sacré-Coeur is strong. 

“His gesture convinced me to become a monthly donor two years ago. I think these donations can be a gift for others, or for me eventually, since as we get older we may need more care. I’m happy to be a part of Sacré-Coeur. A small amount per month barely makes a dent in your pocket!” 

For her complete testimonial, click here.



Become a monthly donor.
Join Mr Pierre Karl Péladeau, Denyse, and all the other Circle of Big Hearts donors. You too will be transforming lives at Sacré-Cœur.

On behalf of the Foundation, thank you!



What is a monthly donation?

A monthly donation consists of authorizing the Foundation to debit a fixed amount, every month, from your credit card or bank account (via the membership link below↓↓).

In exchange, you will receive a single tax receipt reflecting all your donations in a single calendar year.

What are the benefits of this type of giving? 

Once you provide the information to the Foundation, you don’t have to worry about your contribution because it will be done automatically every month.

This allows you to plan and spread your annual gift over a 12-month period according to your budget and goals.

This allows our Foundation to better plan its activities, as the monthly contribution represents a steady inflow of funds. Your donation, regardless of the amount, makes a difference every day, month after month. It is ongoing support to our cause!


It's flexible !

If you want to take a break, stop or change your contribution, just contact us before the next withdrawal date.

Any questions ?

Contact Isabelle Rondeau, our data manager, at 514-338-2303, ext. #3694 (don't forget to use the pound (#) sign).


 > I choose the monthly donation