Testamentary donations

Testamentary donations

Do you ever wonder what you will leave behind when you die?

The answer may lie in a bequest, which allows you to keep your liquid assets to meet your current needs, while knowing that a final gesture will be made in your name for a cause you care about.

Who wouldn't want to leave a legacy of health?


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Donate, without penalizing your heirs

Do you have children and grandchildren and don’t want to deprive them of their inheritance? No matter how much wealth you have, take a few minutes to consider how a gift of just 1% or 2% of your assets would impact what you want to leave to your heirs. You may be surprised to find that you can probably make a bequest without actually cutting into what they will receive.

Don't have children or a spouse? Choosing the Foundation as one of your heirs is a great way to leave a trace of your generosity and values.



For more information, contact our Director of Major and Planned Donations, Me Marie-Claude Tellier.

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