A team entirely dedicated to the cause


The Foundation relies on a team with exemplary and varied skills. It is this team that organizes events, develops fundraising campaigns, accompanies donors and, of course, takes care of the Foundation's administrative side.

We are proud to present this multidisciplinary team:


Susan Akyavuz
Assistant, Capital Campaign

Susan is a young woman with great skills and abilities. She has quickly become an indispensable part of our team. She is a serious professional and committed to the cause.

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Paul Bergeron
Chief Executive Officerl 

Paul is the captain of the Foundation's team. As an excellent communicator, he encourages us to surpass ourselves, to be creative and innovative. He invites us to think "outside the box", as he puts it.

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violetteViolette Brisson
Administrative Support

Violette has been caring about her colleagues, donors and volunteers at the Foundation for over 15 years. She is friendly, funny, dedicated and above all caring.

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stephaneStéphane Côté
Director, Business Development

Stéphane makes it his duty to serve and highlight the partners he recruits. He is attentive and does not hesitate to put his network of contacts to work for the cause.

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marieMarie Grenon
Director, Communications and Public Relations

For the past 15 years, Marie has sought to create rich content and tell stories that touch people. She puts her sensitivity, her penmanship and her radio voice to work for our projects.

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katia Katia Landucci
Senior Advisor, Publicity and Promotion

Katia has a strong artistic sense. She has the gift of fusing words and images to strike a chord with our donors and participants in our fundraising events.

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brigitteBrigitte Lemieux
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Brigitte knows how to build bridges between the members of the Board of Directors, the internal team and the many departments of Sacré-Cœur and Albert-Prévost. It is an art and she masters it so well!

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nadineNadine Leroux
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Nadine is a professional in every sense of the word. She is rigorous and carries out every project entrusted to her. She is a natural leader who knows how to surround herself and take care of others.

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jamelJamel Ouarti
Director, Finances, Administration and Human Resources

Jamel calculates all day long, except for the hours he devotes to serving the organization. Rigorous and methodical, he loves a job well done. He puts a lot of energy into his work.

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isabelleIsabelle Rondeau
Supervisor, Data Management

Isabelle is dynamic and efficient. In addition, having worked at Sacré-Cœur for several years, she has developed relationships that are very valuable to the Foundation. She is a woman of spirit and heart!

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suzySuzy Rondeau
Administrative Technician

Suzy is cheerful, pleasant to be around and has great qualities. She is a tremendous help in accounting and does her work with accuracy and always in good spirits.

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richardRichard Steele
Events Coordinator

Richard is impressively efficient. He is one of those people who is admired for his ability to get a lot of work done in a day and to deal with many tasks. He is a real multi-tasker!

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taniaTania Trottier Pérusse
Director of Events

Tania is dynamic and has a great deal of expertise in event planning. She is also an undeniably talented communicator and has a lot of flair. We are very lucky to have her with us.

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tellierMe Marie-Claude Tellier
Director, Major and Planned Donations

Marie-Claude is trustworthy. She has the ability to create meaningful relationships with our donors and to maintain them. She has tremendous consideration for them and great empathy!

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