Stock donation

don d'action

Do you own publicly traded stocks or securities such as bonds, mutual fund units or stock options?

It could be to your advantage to donate some or all of them. This is particularly attractive for stocks or securities that have appreciated significantly in value, as the capital gain realized from the donation is completely tax-free.


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An electronic transfer form

The donation of publicly traded shares or securities is usually done by electronic transfer. It is easy for both the donor and the Foundation. We've created a stock donation form to help you. There is nothing complicated about it. You simply forward it to your financial institution, which may ask you to fill out another form, but that's it. Contact us and we'll send this form to you by email.


For more information, contact our Director of Major and Planned Donations, Me Marie-Claude Tellier.

Phone : 514 338-2303, ext. 7683 

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