Albert-Prévost: 100 years of expertise

prevostFrom sanatorium to institute to pavilion before becoming a hospital, Albert-Prévost has changed names, but never its vocation: it has been treating mental health problems for over 100 years.

The Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital is a privileged place for teaching. It welcomes up to half of the psychiatry residents from the Université de Montréal and health professionals on advanced training.




Two major mental health specialties

Albert-Prévost is recognized for its expertise in two specialties: child psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry, i.e. mental health in children and the elderly.

It serves a vast territory that includes Bordeaux-Cartierville, Saint-Laurent, Ahuntsic and Laval. The population of children and adolescents in this territory is approximately 150,000, and the adult population is over 400,000.


Some history 


Albert-Prévost (commonly known as PAP for "Pavillon Albert-Prévost," the name by which the hospital is often known) has become a flagship educational centre for physicians and professionals. Its influence is due as much to the teaching it provides as to the care it gives.

But who is Albert Prévost?

He was a Quebec neurologist and forensic physician, born in 1881 and died in 1926. He was the first holder of the chair of neurology at the Université Laval in Montreal and the founder of the institute that bears his name.

To learn more about the Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital, we suggest the following video Un monde ouvert et expert en santé mentale - Le pavillon Albert-Prévost de l'HSCM.

Distinctive features of Albert-Prévost

  • A century-old institution that is a forerunner in the advancement of knowledge and services offered to people living with mental health problems.
  • Offers specialized and sub-specialized services in psychiatry and child psychiatry, as part of a complete continuum of mental health services offered to the population of its territory.
  • Its services are part of the largest specialized and super-specialized youth mental health services program in Quebec.
  • Affiliated with the Université de Montréal.
  • Active in the fields of teaching and research in mental health.
  • An effervescent and stimulating internship environment for future professionals, physicians and actors in mental health.
  • At the origin of a unique, mobilizing musical program that allows us to offer hospitalized patients concerts given by college music students.