Updating knowledge for teaching

teachingSacré-Cœur's physicians, health care professionals, nurses and attendants are heavily involved in teaching. Many have close ties to major academic institutions such as the Université de Montréal or teaching colleges.

The fact that they need to update their knowledge to train the next generation of care providers has great benefits for patients, including state-of-the-art care.

Using simulation to teach complex cases

simulationSacré-Cœur's teams are actively involved in enhancing trauma and critical care services and in training and developing the next generation of professionals, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge and quality of care in this cutting-edge field.

The six simulation and teaching laboratories of the Integrated Trauma Centre allow for the simulation of the most complex cases.

Fellowships to attract the best specialists

The Foundation helps establish fellowship programs that attract specialists in various fields, such as critical care, cardiology and pulmonology.

These physicians come to complete their fellowship training with our leading experts in these highly specialized fields. Some of them will stay on the Sacré-Cœur teams to establish their practice.


Students accompany our researchers

The Sacré-Cœur Hospital Research Centre teams, whether in the fields of sleep disorders, concussions, workplace asthma or cardio-respiratory rehabilitation, welcome doctoral or post-doctoral students. It is by working with our researchers that they develop an interest for hospital-based research.


A few interesting numbers 

Each year Sacré-Cœur welcomes 600 research students and offers 3671 internships, distributed as follows:

in medicine

in nursing

in other professional fields