Learning Activity Turns a Good Deed

Victoria Callocchia, a teacher at the Saint-Laurent Adult Education Centre, initiated a learning activity that she transformed into a fundraiser: the Bookstore Project. A used book sale held on October 30th, 2019 in the cafeteria, collected $425.80 and the proceeds were turned over to our Foundation.

Several steps to success

Here’s how the project took shape: First, the students were divided into groups to learn about various charitable groups and their missions in the local community. Next, students from each group made a presentation to each class about the charity their group had chosen. Then, students in all the classes that had received the presentations voted by secret ballot for their favourite charity.

The students also reviewed the books that were to be sold so that they could make recommendations to potential buyers. Prizes were also created to recognize the best books.

An enriching experience

The students appreciated the chance to participate in the Bookstore Project. They liked working in groups and helping others. The exercise also improved their public speaking abilities and boosted their confidence. “It was also an opportunity to teach students about local organizations that serve the public in Montreal,” said Ms. Callocchia during a meeting to turn over the profits from the project to two representatives of the Foundation, Ms. Isabelle Rondeau and Ms. Kettia Louis.

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