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Sacré-Coeur Hospital is a living environment where practice, research, knowledge, innovation, sharing and passion come together! The excellence and expertise of the teams in many spheres are undeniable.

Its status as a university hospital center makes an exceptional contribution to improving the treatment and care offered to patients.


Thanks for teaming up with us !
Your donations make great things happen at Sacré-Coeur. 

Your donations have contributed more than $91 million since the Foundation was created in 1976.

''I am Stéphanie Raymond-Carrier. I’m a doctor specializing in internal medicine and nephrology. In recent years, my professional career has enabled me to play an active role in promoting the teaching culture at our two renowned institutions, the Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital and the Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital.  

Like you, I would like to express my deep attachment to the Foundation. As a member of its Board of Directors, representing the medical profession, I have witnessed the significant impact of your generous donations. They have enabled us to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, such as simulation mannequins, software and virtual reality headsets, while improving our teaching spaces, including libraries, classrooms and simulation rooms. What's more, your invaluable contributions have played a key role in the development of our brand-new Integrated Trauma Centre, a major hub for research and teaching.  

For almost 50 years, the Foundation has been committed to supporting teaching, contributing some $2 million over the decades. As co-director of the Teaching Expertise Centre, which I was responsible for until recently, I have had the honour of overseeing numerous projects carried out thanks in part to the Foundation's generosity. Your continued support is essential to our plans to acquire even more sophisticated simulation mannequins, enabling current and future care teams to acquire the skills crucial to dealing with the complex and delicate situations encountered in patient care.

Thank you for being part, like us, of the great family of Sacré-Coeur and for supporting our projects. There are many reasons to be proud of our great university hospital!''  

Putting knowledge
to work for patients!

Intrigued by what goes on within the walls of the Integrated Trauma Centre (ITC), our spokesperson, Pénélope McQuade, paid a visit on June 16, 2023, one year after it opened its doors to patients. In 2009, Pénélope was admitted to the Sacré-Coeur trauma unit following a car accident. That’s where she began her rehabilitation. At the time, she was able to see for herself just how much work the facilities needed. Needless to say, the new premises impressed her. 

As she toured the modern, functional spaces, she was able to appreciate all the possibilities for the future and the uniqueness of the Integrated Trauma Centre, the only one of its kind in Canada. Not only does it have the enormous potential to bring together trauma and critical care researchers, trainers and practitioners in one place, it is also an exceptional learning environment for both teachers and students.

During the visit, Patricia Deneault, Simulation Technician and Respiratory Therapist, introduced Pénélope to the mannequins used by care teams to practice their procedures before actually treating a patient in an emergency situation. She was also shown the equipment that supervisors use to remotely control the mannequins and, above all, observe their work. 

Thank you to all the doctors, the researchers and the Sacré-Coeur teams for their passion, dedication and the self-sacrifice that they give every day.

Know that your donations are a concrete way to express your gratitude and to help them accomplish miracles.

Thank you!

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