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All other use of the rights granted requires specific prior written authorization from the MSCHF.

from the MSCHF.

Privacy Policy

The MSCHF is concerned about privacy rights and the protection of personal information. Therefore, to ensure the confidentiality and the rights of the users of its website, the MSCHF implemented the present privacy policy, which we invite you to consult.

Notice regarding the electronic collection of information

This site does not allow users to post their personal information. Moreover, this site uses analytical software, commonly referred to as «cookies», to collect and store information generated by the computers of site users with an aim to improving the visited site and the services it offers.

More precisely, when a user visits the MSCHF site, the server sends a “cookie” to the user’s navigator. A “cookie” is an alphanumeric witness file, which is temporarily transferred to the user’s hard drive by way of his web navigator and will allow the MSCHF’s site to recognize him/her during subsequent visits.

Thus, when you visit the MSCHF website, the MSCHF will retrieve through the “cookie” computer information that will then be used only for statistical purposes, which will allow us to:

  • count the number of visitors in a given period (day, week, month, year)
  • analyse the site navigation processes in order to improve ergonomics and facilitate its use

We confirm that there will be no commercial use of the information the MSCHF collected through your use of the site. Also, rest assured that none of your information will be sent to third parties without your prior authorization.

Change to the privacy policy

The MSCHF reserves the right to modify the present policy on confidentiality to adapt it to any legislative or even technological changes.

The MSCHF vows to inform users of any such modification by posting notice on its website. 

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