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Richard Bourdages: Grateful to the care team

Mr. Richard Bourdages.

Richard Bourdages is a very active professional. His way of relaxing and unwinding is through outdoor activities. In October 2019, while riding his motorcycle, he had no idea how much his life would change.

On October 5, 2019, Mr. Bourdages was driving his motorcycle north of Joliette. All it took was one bad maneuver on a curve to make him lose control. The result: 14 fractured ribs and sternum, a cervical trauma, 5 fractured vertebrae, 4 of which were unstable (making the spinal cord vulnerable, threatening his life and representing a very high risk of paralysis in his lower limbs). As if that wasn't enough, the fibula in his left leg (the longest bone) was fractured, the medial ligament was torn, and he suffered a meniscal tear in his left knee and a severe sprain in his left ankle.

His condition was so serious that he was transported to the trauma unit at the Montreal Sacré-Coeur Hospital. “Dr. Étienne Bourassa-Moreau, an orthopedic surgeon, performed a delicate surgical procedure on my spine that not only saved my life, but also prevented me from becoming paralyzed,” recounted Mr. Bourdages.

Highly appreciative not only of the fabulous work performed by Dr. Bourassa-Moreau, but also of all the orderlies who had to take care of him, the nurses, the nursing assistants, the orthopedic residents, the pulmonologist Patrick Bellemare and the residents under his care, as well as all those whose profession he no longer remembers (in radiology and medical imaging), Richard Bourdages has decided to do his part and start his donation drive.

His commitment will consist of soliciting his professional entourage through a campaign hosted on the Foundation’s website. His goal is to raise no less than $10,000 in 2020-2021. By August, he will be in recovery and taking part in various kinds of therapies.

“I decided to give back to all the caregivers and others like me who will one day need the trauma services at Sacré-Coeur Hospital by volunteering with the Foundation,” said Bourdages.


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