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A culture of familial and entrepreneurial philanthropy

Sharing, generosity, and helping one another have not only been part of Pharmascience’s business culture since its creation, but are also part of the Goodman family’s culture as the company’s major shareholders.

Already much involved in the community, the Goodman family decided to support the Foundation after Jonathan Goodman had a serious biking accident. Jonathan is the brother of Pharmascience’s current president, Mr. David Goodman. His stay at the Hospital was the inspiration for the family’s good deeds.

This misfortune brought to light the dedication of the Hospital’s staff members. “The care Jonathan received was exceptional from the very first day he arrived in intensive care till the day left the hospital. All the nurses, doctors, and support staff did their very best for him,” stated David Goodman.

Having identified that the lack of proper facilities made it difficult for some visitors to stay at their loved-ones’ bedside longer or experience their grief far from prying eyes, a project took shape in the minds of some Goodman family members. Their substantial donation to the Fondation de l’Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal funded the building of facilities where family members of patients can meet and process in peace and quiet the oftentimes strong emotions they may be experiencing.

This initiative underscores Pharmascience’s values and the vision of the Goodman family. Finding innovative solutions to answer health and medical needs is the vision that has led Pharmascience to the rank of second biggest privately-owned pharmaceutical company in Canada.

For David Goodman, there is no doubt that leadership is a basic value that must be passed on. “Managers and employees alike must act as true leaders. We must exercise our duty of responsibility to those who work for us. We cannot claim to be leaders of our lives without being responsible for those around us,” he insisted, further highlighting the importance of giving back to the community in which we live and work.

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