Messages from the heart for the staff of Sacré-Cœur

People who love our Hospital

Throughout the year, the Montréal Sacré-Cœur Hospital Foundation receives comments and messages from patients or their families who wish to pay tribute to the staff, health professionals and physicians who dedicate themselves daily to providing excellent care and comfort.

If you want to share your kind thoughts and personalized messages of appreciation to a doctor, a care team or an employee, you can do so by sending an e-mail to the following address: We would be pleased to share these testimonials and add them to this page, which you are invited to visit regularly


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“I have been in the hospital three times and can only praise the nurses, doctors and everyone who looked after me. The care was excellent.”

-  Dorothy Edwards, Roxboro


“Thank you Dr. Catherine Jean for your care during and since my surgery in 2007. Also thanks to the staff who cared for me.”

— Beverley Espin, Lachute


''Big thanks to Dr. Belhocine, Dr. Makzoum and Dr. Moubayed and many more. Excellent physicians''.

- Eddy Wan, St-Laurent


''Many thanks for the health care teams''

- Anonymous



''A big THANK YOU to all the hospital staff for their caring during this pandemic.''

- Mrs. Emma Lombardi, Laval


''Even though we are very sad the way my husband died but we are extremely thankful of the hospital the attention and caring way of nurses that showed when we made a Facetime video (4 times). Already we were suffering past 2 months. By not seeing him at CHSLD St-Jude. Whatever is happening is inhuman. I am so thankful to all the doctors and caregivers. May God bless you all.''

- Mrs. Sossik Berberian, Laval 


''I was a patient 3 times and got the best care by the best doctors and nurses. If I ever get sick again, Sacré-Coeur is the place I will go. Thank you for the best care.''

- Mrs. Dorothy M. Edwards, Roxboro


''Good luck to you and all the best to you.''

- Mrs. Eileen Nerissa King, Montreal


''I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their expertise and excellent care while he was a patient at Sacre Coeur especially whe he was a patient in neurology from November 2014 to March 2015.  Thank you all so much.''

- Mrs. Arentiena De Vries De Bruyn, Montreal


''Thank you to all doctors and staff for the care that I have always received from this hospital.  I greatefully appreciate all the hand work that you all do, and the time you dedicate to people.  Please keep up the excellent work, may God give you all the courage to cope during this current health crisis.  Thanks again.''

- Mrs. Shirley Aimable, Montreal


''Thank you for all you do!''

- Mr. Dimosthenis Baibos, Montreal


''Always grateful for care given during time spent at Sacré-Coeur!''

- Mrs. Audrey Clark, Deux-Montagnes


''Job well done.  For all the healthcare teams a million thanks for taking good care of me and saving my life. God bless all of you.  Stay safe.''

- Mrs. Marlene Birao, Saint-Laurent



''Thank you for taking care of my mom during her stay in December 2019.''

Mr. Lee Phong, Stittsville (Ontario)



''Thank you for your help.''

- Mrs. Miroslava Jabuka, Laval


''Dr. Desjardins, pulmonary, helped me many years ago. I'm very grateful.''

- Mrs. Nancy Bresler, Saint-Laurent



''My donation is to go towards Dr Bichet, Nephrology Department.  My family thanks him for his continued support, dedication and compassion towards my family.''

- Anonymous


''During the pandemic times, it is hard for everyone.  I hope everyone can stay safe and strong.  We will get through this.  I want to thank to all the health staff, doctors, nurses working so hard to protect us while doing their jobs at this difficult time.  It is not easy.  Many thanks to Doctor Silvia Pollifrone, nurse Linda Gregoire and their team-mates.''

- Mrs. Tsz Mei Cheung, Montréal


''Not only are you close to my home but most of all, you are close to my heart. I am so grateful for your service and your compassionate care in the emergency. This is very dear to me.''

- Mrs. Corrina Antipas, Montréal




''Thank you for the care of my mom at the oncology department.  Great staff.''

- Anonymous


''Thank you for all the wonderful care.''

- Anonymous



''I were treated well and recovered soon. Thanks to all the doctors , nurses and nursing workers.''

- Anonymous


''I was diagnosed in Hôpital Sacré-Coeur and I was given exceptional care from every single staff member.  I would also like to give a special thanks to the oncology/hematology departement.''

- Anonymous


''Merci-Thank you!  For your services''

- Mrs. Antonia Fotiadis, Laval 



“Sacre-Coeur Hospital is the best. I love the hospital and the people there, thank you.”

- Maria Da Silva Nascimento, Laval


“Thanks to your team work to take care of all the patients. Also, your team care about English speaking patients as well. Many thanks !”

— Willgent Jone, St-Laurent


''Thank you for your service. God bless you all.''

- Walid Ahmhad Zankar, Montréal


''We have the best help and souvenirs from your hospital and the personels. A big thanks to all.''

- Maria Deligeorge, St-Laurent


''It is nothing what i am doing compare what you are doing to me. I am too grateful.''

- Marette Fustokjian, St-Laurent


''Thank you for your excellent care.''

- Anonymous


''Thank you to the doctors, nurses, specialists and workers of the Sacré-Coeur Hospital especially on the 4th floor. May God blessings be with you day and night, always.''

- Mr. Vincent A. Ewers, St-Laurent


''Thank you to all the medical staff, orderlies, volunteers and the many others that are working tirelessly during these trying times, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you!''

- Anonymous


''Thank you for all you do!!!''

- Mr. Dimosthenis Baibos,  Montreal


''Thank you to our caregivers during these difficult times.''

- Mrs. Vida Lietuvinkas, Saint-Laurent


''Thank you for all that you do and continue to do! ''

- Mrs. Christina Dessilas, Saint-Laurent


''I would like to thank the medical staff for the professional care I have received through the years. I highly recommend the hospital and have nothing but positive things to say.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'' 

- Mrs. Roula Mousmanis, Montreal


''Thank you for your good service!''

- Mr. Geoges Barakaris, Montreal


''May you always be a source of comfort to all those who are in pain or those who are distressed by fear of the unknown.  You can always be the light that brightens any darkness.  Many thanks to everyone of you.''

Mrs. Ahlam Kamil, Saint-Laurent


''Thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped heal me.''

- Mr. Allan Whitrod, Laval


''My mom was a patient of the Oncology department. During her examinations and chemotherapy sessions she was always treated with wonderful care from your entire staff. The amount collected at her funeral is being shared with Hôpital Jean-Talon, where she received excellent care also.''

- Mrs. Carmine Montefreeante, Montreal 



''Thank you doctor Mathieu Laroche for taking care of my father during his stay in November 2019.''

- Mrs. Arabella Preda, Laval



''To thank the staff of the breast cancer unit and associated services for their care & kindness while I was going through diagnosis and treatment - and all this during Covid.''

- Anonymous


''Thank you for taking care of of my father over the years he visited your hospital and especially during his last stay of september this year when he passed away.''

- Mr Greg Kalapothareas, Kirkland


''Sacre Coeur doctors helped me very much in the year of 2016 when I suffered a sudden onset of transverse myelitis. They were caring and very knowledged. I  Thank you!''

- Anonymous



''Appreciating all that you did for my dad, Ravinder Singh Anand when he was with you for over a month. Thank you so much, great team and the best surgeon we could've received.''

- Mrs. Tarandeep Anand, Brossard


''I was very happy with the entire staff (the nurses, the doctors, the prepose, the food). Everyone took good care of me during my one week stay at the hospital.  Thank you.''

Mrs. Hildegard Ochs, Roxboro




''So that you can keep doing a great job.  Thank you!''

- Mrs. Juana De Los Santos, Montréal


''To whom it may concern, my name is Claudio Vissa, I want to thank Sacré-Coeur Hospital for the good treatment I have received 20th April till the last week of june.  I especially would like to thank Dr Rousseau and his team for his professional and human aspects.  Again GREAT THANKS.''

- Mr. Claudio Vissa, Montréal




''Thank you to all our guardian angels that risk their lives everyday to keep us safe and healthy''.

- James and Mary Martin, Rosemère


“My husband John is followed by the Doctor Desjardins… We are grateful to him and to his team. Words can’t express our gratitude. What a wonderful hospital.”

— John & Ann Soydos, Montréal


“Keep up your good work.”

— Frank Sandelowsky, Pointe-Claire


''I wish to thank the staff, doctors, nurses, ordelies and physiotherapists of the neurological ward of Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur for the services rendered and their great devotion to make one as comfortable as possible while in their care. I was hospitalized from February 8, 2020 to February 14, 2020 and I am very grateful for the excellent medical attention I received and was very touched by everyone's heartfelt kindness.''

- Steven and Helen Grega, St-Laurent


''Keep up the good work.''

- Mr. Allen Simon, Oka 


''Thank you for all hard work. We are greatful for all that you do for us.''

- Mr. Bharat Bhardwaj Bhushan, Vaudreuil-Dorion


''To the volunteers who put their lives on the line every day. You have my gratitude. God bless you and stay safe.''

- Mr. Edmond Séguin, Saint-Eustache


''On behalf of myself and my wife, which have both been patients at Sacré-Coeur over the years, thank you for professional humane care, attention all the staff has shown us.''

- Anonymous



''Thank you for your excellent care.'' 

- Anonymous


''Even though we are very sad the way my husband died but we are extremely thankful of the hospital the attention and caring way of nurses that showed when we made a facetime video (4 times).  Already we were suffering past 2 month.  By not seeing him at CHSLD St-Jude.  Whatever is happening is inhuman.  I am so thankful to all the doctors and caregivers.  May God bless you all.''

- Mrs. Sossik Berberian, Laval


''On behalf of myself and my wife, with have both been patients at Sacré-Coeur over the years, thank you for professional, humane care, attention all the staff has shown us.''

- Mr. Christos Mougios, Laval




''May the spirit of kindness be with all the health care personnel.''

- Mr. William J. Cook, Saint-Laurent



''Thank you everyone!  Especially Dr Cartier the pneumologist who saved my life and all of the staff and services.  God bless you all!''

- Mrs. Altazo Tsimikli, Laval



''If there is god in this world then it's doctors and their co-workers.  Heartily salute to you all.''

Mrs. Kangana Thakur, Montréal-Nord


''A little token to say 'thanks' for the good services.''

- Mrs. Sylvaine Valette, Montreal


''The staff are amazing. It is for this reason that I am still here today.''

- Anonymous



''Special thanks to Dr. Poulin and the cardio team. Its been 4 years!''

- Anonymous



''I am very thankful to Dre Dominique Rouleau, orthopédiste.  She is very kind and generous lady.  I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart.  God bless you.  I will always pray for you well being.  Thankyou again and again madam sincerely.''

- Anonymous


''This donation is for the excellent service I am receiving from the Sacré Coeur Hospital.''

- Mr. Robert Shelso, Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts



''We would like to thank all the doctors and nurses who took such great care of Mrs. Pertonilla Mantella Cappuccino. She will be sadly missed.''

- Anonymous


''Thank you for my successful open heart operation 12 years past. Thank you for my tavi-new valve-replaced 2 years past.  Great team.''

- Mr. Merton MacDonald, Brownsburg-Chattam



''Thank you for saving my husband life.  Thank you for your care and your loyalty.  You are all a gift from god.''

- Mrs. Leilani Todd, Lachute


 ''I went there for in infection caused by bedbug bites.  They took me seriously and gave me antibiotics intraveinously and a prescription.  I left the hospital at midnight.  They called a taxi for me (and paid).  I didn't take note of their names but they were all very nice REALLY.''

- Mrs. Cynthia Wallis, Montréal


''Thanks for taking care of us as patients.  Please continue doing a good service to the people coming to your hospital.''

- Mrs. Marissa Manuyac, Laval