Messages from the heart for the staff of Sacré-Cœur

People who love our Hospital

Throughout the year, the Montréal Sacré-Cœur Hospital Foundation receives comments and messages from patients or their families who wish to pay tribute to the staff, health professionals and physicians who dedicate themselves daily to providing excellent care and comfort.

If you want to share your kind thoughts and personalized messages of appreciation to a doctor, a care team or an employee, you can do so by sending an e-mail to the following address: We would be pleased to share these testimonials and add them to this page, which you are invited to visit regularly


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“I have been in the hospital three times and can only praise the nurses, doctors and everyone who looked after me. The care was excellent.”

— Dorothy Edwards, Roxboro


“Thank you Dr. Catherine Jean for your care during and since my surgery in 2007. Also thanks to the staff who cared for me.”

— Beverley Espin, Lachute


''Big thanks to Dr. Belhocine, Dr. Makzoum and Dr. Moubayed and many more. Excellent physicians''.

-Eddy Wan, St-Laurent


''Many thanks for the health care teams''

-Nadia Wassef, Saint-Laurent


“Sacre-Coeur Hospital is the best. I love the hospital and the people there, thank you.”

— Maria Da Silva Nascimento, Laval


“Thanks to your team work to take care of all the patients. Also, your team care about English speaking patients as well. Many thanks !”

— Willgent Jone, Saint-Laurent

''Thank you for your service. God bless you all.''

-Walid Ahmhad Zankar, Montréal


''We have the best help and souvenirs from your hospital and the personels. A big thanks to all.''

-Maria Deligeorge, Saint-Laurent


''It is nothing what i am doing compare what you are doing to me. I am grateful.''

-Marette Fustokjan, Saint-Laurent


''Thank you to all our guardian angels that risk their lives everyday to keep us safe and healthy''.

-James and Mary Martin, Rosemère


“My husband John is followed by the Doctor Desjardins… We are grateful to him and to his team. Words can’t express our gratitude. What a wonderful hospital.”

— John & Ann Soydos, Montréal


“Keep up your good work.”

— Frank Sandelowsky, Pointe-Claire



''I wish to thank the staff, doctors, nurses, ordelies and physiotherapists of the neurological ward of Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur for the services rendered and their great devotion to make one as comfortable as possible while in their care. I was hospitalized from February 8, 2020 to February 14, 2020 and I am very grateful for the excellent medical attention I received and was very touched by everyone's heartfelt kindness.''

-Steven and Helen Grega, St-Laurent