Bill 15

The autonomy of your Foundation and your desire to support your hospital will continue to be respected.

Bill 15 aimed at creating Santé Québec which was adopted on December 9 by the government. The creation of this new body provokes several reactions and it is clear that it will lead to many changes in the network. Much has been said regarding the impacts of the bill on hospital foundations, their governance and more broadly, health philanthropy. Through this communication, I wish, like several foundations, to provide certain clarifications.

Since the bill was dropped last March, a working group made up of several representatives of health care foundations has made numerous representations to the government, on behalf of our foundations, to have articles of law modified that could have an impact on philanthropy supporting the health network. It was a colossal and necessary job to enable us to continue to carry out our work and support care, teaching, research and innovation in our institutions, with the same independence, the same scope and above all, the same impact for the entire Quebec population.

Thus, the status quo in philanthropy, as announced by Minister Christian Dubé, has been maintained.  Meaning that essentially:

Foundations are, and will remain, independent and autonomous legal entities, with their own Board of Directors;

Donations designated to an institution will remain directed to that institution and under no circumstances can they be used for purposes other than those identified by the donor;

Past philanthropic assets and donations are protected;

The Executive Director of each healthcare establishment is responsible for identifying priority projects requiring philanthropic support, and is accountable for their implementation;

Philanthropy is an essential pillar of healthcare and our foundations will continue to play their central role in this regard, with the same rigor and independence.

At a time when health needs are growing and your generosity has never been so important, I add my support to that of the leaders of foundations in the health sector and assure you that the law adopted fully respects autonomy of our foundations and our donors. Please know that we are committed to protecting the interests of our donors in order to continue to fulfill our mission: improving care at the Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital and the Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital, the two hospitals whose projects we financially support. 

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 514 338-2303 or by email

Paul Bergeron, President and CEO of the foundation


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