The Foundation is investing to improve quality of life for patients

The Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital Foundation recently invested $45,000 to install air conditioning units for the well-being of patients and their loved ones. ‘Hot spots’ in the hospital that cause patients the greatest discomfort were targeted, including the palliative care unit and the neurology and neurosurgery unit.

As we are particularly concerned about difficulties associated with the lack of air conditioning in certain areas of the Hospital, the Foundation and the CIUSSS for the Northern Sector of Montreal (CIUSSS NIM) worked together to find solutions to enhance the patient experience during their hospital stays in warm weather. “Our priority is to improve our patients’ quality of life and the work environment for our employees. We are pleased with this improvement and wish to thank the Foundation for their ongoing support,“ commented Frédéric Abergel, CEO of the CIUSSS NIM.

The Foundation lends its support to the CIUSSS NIM by purchasing units that will enhance the patient environment in the targeted units during the summer season. “As much as we would have liked to provide air conditioning in more sectors of the hospital, it is not always possible due to constraints imposed by the existing electrical and ventilation systems. Bringing comfort to a person who is suffering and at the end of life is a matter of human dignity, not an option,” added Paul Bergeron, CEO of the Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital Foundation.

The Foundation is in the midst of a major fundraising campaign that aims to upgrade the hospital sectors that receive the most vulnerable patients. Donations can be made to help complete work on the spinal cord injury and other sectors that require major renovations to further enhance quality of life for patients and employees alike.

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