Spaghetti Supper on October, 19

The Foundation greatly appreciates the initiative of Ms. Joanna Georgitsos and Mr. Nicolas Markou, and invites you to their spaghetti supper at 5 :30 PM on Friday, October 19 at Allô ! Mon Coco restaurant on Dagenais Blvd. W. in Laval. A portion of the funds raised during this event will be given to our hospital and the balance to Lymphoma  Canada.

This couple has been hosting this benefit supper since 2014 – an event that makes a meaningful contribution to improving care in Hemato-Oncology at Sacré-Cœur Hospital.

Their lives were upended in late September 2013, when a bout of abdominal pain forced Mr. Markou to go to the hospital. He met his physician, Dr. Michèle Racine-Rainville, on October 3 and received a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The hospital was literally their second home for the five long months that followed. After six chemotherapy sessions, blood tests, vaccinations and so on, everything returned to normal by March 2014: Mr. Markou was in remission.

Montreal’s Sacré-Cœur Hospital receives thousands of patients each year who require treatment or diagnostic testing.

Notable cancer-related annual statistics at the hospital:

  • Nearly 11,500 patients visit the Hemato-Oncology department for an appointment or treatment
  • More than 31,000 medical visits with an oncologist
  • 8 nurse navigators meet 1,660 patients for a total of 2,739 visits

On behalf of all of these people, thank you for organizing this benefit supper that has raised $44,000 to date. We are also reminded that this same month of October, in 2013, was life-changing for Ms.  Georgitsos and Mr.  Markou.

Tickets are $30 per person, not including wine. Mr. Markou’s own private reserve of spaghetti sauce is also available for purchase at $10. For more information: 514 772-3628 ou

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