Researcher, Louis De Beaumont, participated in the development of a tool to detect the traces of past concussions.

According to the TVA television network, Montréal researchers, including Sacré-CœurHospital’s regular researcher, Louis De Beaumont, have designed a tool that identifies the traces of a concussion on the brain.

Presently, there is no existing means of truly diagnosing an athlete’s past concussions. We can only determine the damage from autopsy results.

But the artificial intelligence software developed by researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Université de Montréal detects concussions.

Fifteen professional and semi-professional athletes between 51 and 75 years of age (who suffered concussions in the past) underwent medical imagery tests. The results were compared with those of athletes of the same age who had never suffered a concussion. Despite the modest sampling, the tool had a 90% rate of accuracy.

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