Annual Fundraising Campaign

Sacré-Coeur Hospital is a living environment where practice, research, knowledge, innovation, sharing and passion come together! The excellence and expertise of the teams in many spheres are undeniable. Its status as a university hospital center makes an exceptional contribution to improving the treatment and care offered to patients.


Passionate about medicine 
and dedicated to their patients!

Your donations have contributed more than $91 million since the Foundation was created in 1976.


Thirteen medical specialists and a nurse took turns inspiring us in the television series De garde 24/7, broadcast on Télé-Québec in the fall of 2023. These doctors, human beings first and foremost, were kind enough to give the general public access to their daily lives and let us in on their specialties. They are fine examples of people who are passionate about medicine and dedicated to their patients. They represent the 450 doctors and 1,030 nurses who make up the Sacré-Coeur Hospital family, which employs nearly 4,400 people.

Valérie Turcotte is one of the protagonists who appear in the serie. 
She took  part of a very interesting interview in our last Liaison Newsletter. Discover more about her profession : specialized nurse practitioner. 



In the fall of 2024, the return of the series De garde 24/7, filmed in large part at Sacré-Coeur, will allow you to witness once again the dedication, singularity and compassion that characterize the care teams. The featured doctors have brought tears to our eyes and touched our hearts on more than one occasion. They'll bring us many more memorable moments definitely in this second year.

The future looks bright with the completion of projects aimed at providing a stimulating care environment, state-of-the-art equipment so that experts can better diagnose and treat patients, and above all, the innovative research work underway. Although we've already come a long way, the journey is not over. Together, we can achieve great things.


Thank you to all the doctors, the researchers and the Sacré-Coeur teams for their passion, dedication and the self-sacrifice that they give every day.

Know that your donations are a concrete way to express your gratitude and to help them accomplish miracles.

Let's build a better, healthier future together !

Thank you!

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