Annual Fundraising Campaign

Sacré-Coeur Hospital is a living environment where practice, research, knowledge, innovation, sharing and passion come together! The excellence and expertise of the teams in many spheres are undeniable.

Its status as a university hospital center makes an exceptional contribution to improving the treatment and care offered to patients.


Thanks for teaming up with us !
Your donations make great things happen at Sacré-Coeur. 

In addition to being part of the beautiful Sacré-Coeur family, as a donor you are mainly asked three times a year to support this great university teaching hospital that is l’Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur-de-Montréal. Your donations have contributed more than $91 million since the Foundation was created in 1976.

'' I am Dr André Cartier. I practiced pneumology for over 40 years at Sacré-Coeur Hospital and saw patients there for many years. I also taught and collaborated on several research projects. I know what an academic mission is because I was associated with our mission from the start of our affiliation with the Université of Montréal.

I haven’t seen patients since May 2021, but I continue to offer my expertise as chair of the occupational lung disease committee. I also agreed to become involved with the Foundation by soliciting physician participation in the Let’s change lives together major campaign. I am committed to the future of Sacré-Coeur!  

May I remind you that the Foundation was created in large part to support research and teaching. I’m convinced that this academic mission is a guarantee of quality care. Your donations contribute to improving care. Without the Foundation, believe me, the Pneumology Department, for example, would not have been able to develop as a centre of excellence at the Hospital.

The Foundation has played and continues to play an essential role in a specialty such as Pneumology. Your donations have made it possible to recruit young pneumologists to help the clinical team. Many young researchers have received Foundation grants and funding to start their research. The Foundation also helps purchase equipment to better care for patients.

Thank you for being part, like us, of the great family of Sacré-Coeur and for supporting our projects. ''

Our researchers are counting on your support!


Hello !
We are Dr. Simon Bacon and Dr. Kim Lavoie, respectively researchers and professors and are partners in life. Since 2006, we have been running one of the largest research laboratories based at Montreal Sacré-Coeur Hospital, called the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre. Some 40 employees, a majority of which are students, work with us and physicians to develop tools that help people change behaviours (practicing physical activity, adopting healthy eating habits, following health guidelines, etc.) that have an impact on their health and life expectancy.

Our research, along with that of the 200 or so researchers who work at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital, our major university hospital, provides concrete solutions that improve care and treatment, advance medical knowledge, and change behaviours to improve health and avoid more serious illnesses or hospital stays. 

For example, our team has been involved in collecting data through the international iCARE study to support decision making and policy development related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to read the Liaison newsletter to learn more. You will see that our work is relevant to an entire population and has a real impact on your health.

By supporting research through your donations to the Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation, you are participating in concrete terms in all these wonderful research advances and you are allowing us to make our research students want to surpass themselves for you.

Dr. Kim Lavoie,
professor of psychology and Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Medicine at UQAM who initiated the iCARE study.

Dr. Simon Bacon,
professor at Concordia University and co-holder of the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS) dual research chair in artificial intelligence and digital health for change in health behaviour.



Acceleration 2.0:
Living healthy, every day!

80% of premature chronic diseases that come with their own set of complications can be avoided if we stay active, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and limit our alcohol consumption?

Based on this observation and scientific data that prove this statement, a team of researchers at the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre (MBMC) has developed a 12-week program called ACCELERATION 2.0. The goal of the program is to help participants understand the importance of changing their lifestyle habits and make the necessary changes. This is just one example of the research projects conducted by the MBMC.

The ACCELERATION 2.0 program is intended for the adults and is FREE of charge. Participants benefit from the tools developed by the team at the MBMC and their knowledge. They also benefit from the support provided by personalized and group meetings with certified kinesiologists that allow them to stay motivated and overcome difficulties when needed.

New groups are set up at various times throughout the year and those interested are invited to information sessions. Participants do not even have to travel to take part, everything is done virtually. 

   For more information, you can access the website:


Thank you to all the doctors, the researchers and the Sacré-Coeur teams for their passion, dedication and the self-sacrifice that they give every day.

Know that your donations are a concrete way to express your gratitude and to help them accomplish miracles.

Thank you!

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