Where do your donations go

Let’s give ourselves the best care and let’s transform lives!

Since its creation in 1976, the donations cumulated by the Montréal Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation come to nearly $85 million, and allow us to :

  • Improve the care and services we offer patients;
  • Purchase specialize and ultra-specialized medical equipment;
  • Support research teams and offer research grants to attract the best candidates;
  • Improve teaching and training conditions for residents;
  • Create and maintain an endowment fund to ensure the longevity of the Foundation and its mission.

It should be noted that over the past 43 years, the Foundation has raised greater sums than the amounts it has turned over to Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital. Some of the money is kept in the Foundation’s coffers until such time as the projects require the funds. The major transformation began with the construction above the emergency department of the new Integrated Trauma Centre, which will also host the Mother-Child Unit and the Endoscopy Service. The Foundation will contribute $14,568,511 to these projects that will benefit patients. By 2020, the Foundation will have raised an impressive $91,951,170.


Here is a summary of the investment of the funds raised :

and teaching
$22 805 306

Traumatology, surgery
and orthopedics 
$21 428 572

Other departments
and services
$25 129 894


$2 869 882

Mental Health
$1 134 751

$10 881 867


TOTAL : $84 250 272


Here are the projects which were carried out in the care, research and education sector :


Care Sector

  • 2003
    Acquisition of the first Da Vinci surgical robot

  • 2003
    The new internal medicine ambulatory care unit

  • 2007
    The new coronarien care unit

  • 2008
    Purchase of a fully digital medical imaging system (PACS)

  • 2010
    Construction of Centre de réadaptation cardio-respiratoire Jean-Jacques-Gauthier

  • 2010
    The new orthopedic clinic

  • 2010
    The Family medical clinic

  • 2014
    Acquisition of a new magnetic resonance imaging device

  • 2018
    The integrated trauma centre, the mother/child unit and the endoscopy service

Research Sector

  • 1987
    Construction of the HSCM research center

  • 1998
    Development of the sleep laboratory and purchase of equipment

  • 2000
    Construction of the HSCM research center (Phase 2)

  • 2011
    The construction of the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM)

  • 2015
    Upgrade of the HSCM research center

Teaching Sector

  • 2010
    Creation of a learning and clinical simulation laboratory

  • 2018
    Renovation of the library with educational facilities


Support for the creation of research chairs

  • Chair in spinal trauma
  • Research chair in orthopedics
  • Research chair on Schizophrenia
  • Chair on cardiovascular health
  • Research chair in acute trauma

Creation of research scholarships

  • Postdoctoral scholarships (fellowships)
  • Support for new research and research teams


It is thanks to your donations that all
these projects can be achieved!