Where do your donations go?

Let’s give ourselves the best care!

Donations to the Montréal Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation allow us to:

  • improve the care and services we offer patients;
  • purchase specialize and ultra-specialized medical equipment;
  • support research teams and offer research grants to attract the best candidates;
  • improve teaching and training conditions for residents;
  • create and maintain an endowment fund to ensure the longevity of the MSCHF and its mission.

Since its creation in 1976, the Montréal Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation has remitted
close to 75 million dollars
to Sacré-Cœur hospital

  • over $17 million for research
  • over $10.7 million for cardiology
  • over $8 million for surgery
  • over $8 million for orthopedics
  • over $6.5 million for medical imaging
  • over $2.7 million for pneumology
  • over 2.7 million for nursing care
  • over $2 million for traumatology
  • over a million for mental health
  • over a million for teaching and training
  • and many other commitments


Over the past 15 years, the financial support of the MSCHF has allowed the purchase or construction of:

  • the da Vinci surgical robot (two generations) used to perform complex surgeries;
  • the Centre d’études avancées en médecine du sommeil, equipment and financial support for research teams;
  • the new coronary care unit with better equipment;
  • the new internal medicine ambulatory care unit, a medical teaching unit supervised by specialists;
  • the Centre de réadaptation cardio-respiratoire Jean-Jacques-Gauthier;
  • the new orthopedic clinic and ultra-modern equipment;
  • the family medical clinic;
  • the new building over the emergency unit, in which are located the integrated trauma centre, the mother/child unit and the endoscopy service, a project of over $148 million. The MSCHF collected $12.4 million with a fundraising campaign for this project.

Donations for research

The MSCHF supported the Sacré-Cœur hospital research centre to the tune of $9,335,974 over the last few years.

The monies served to finance:

  • the development and renovation of infrastructures such as the creation of K wing where some of the research facilities are located;
  • the construction of the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM) ;
  • the renovation of the animal facility;
  • the acquisition of specialized, high-tech, innovative equipment;
  • the recruitment of researchers by way of start-up grants for their projects;
  • the creation of excellence-based grants for students.

Donations for teaching

Over the past few years, the MSCHF’s contribution to teaching has most notably allowed the purchase of:

  • simulation equipment, monitors for training rooms, and cameras for the observation rooms;
  • the renovation of a training room;
  • the maintenance of simulation mannequins (dummies).

Advantages for the patients:

  • to receive care in a safe environment;
  • to receive leading-edge care;
  • to be a full member of the care team.