Testimonial of patients

Touching Sacré-Cœur stories

Wanting to put in a good word, to express profound gratitude, or simply to say thank you, this is what makes people want to tell the story of their stay at Sacré-Cœur hospital.

We encourage you to read these stories that bear witness to the expertise and devotion of our doctors and healthcare personnel.

Fabienne Ouellet: a breath of fresh air

Fabienne Ouellet didn’t know her work environment was making her ill.

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Mélanie Perreault: losing for a better life

In 2011, Mélanie Perreault weighed 419 lbs. Her weight was a harbinger of serious health problems to come, most notably, diabetes.

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Diane Dumais: Coming back from afar

On August 4, 2002, Diane Dumais and her spouse left Laval on bike with Quebec City as their final destination. They never made it. In a hill in

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Léo Simard: Knowing when to stop

The night of September 30, 2014, was a night like any other for Mr. Léo Simard, a normal night until he lost consciousness in the bathroom, fell and

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