Sectors of excellence

A resource for specialized care

Over the years, Sacré-Cœur hospital has acquired a designation as a supra-regional, which makes it a major reference centre for specialized and ultra-specialized care and services. It serves the populations of western Quebec, more specifically, the regions of greater Montréal, Laval, the Laurentides, Lanaudière and Abitibi-Témiscamingue, that is to say, a population base of 1.8 million people. The care, teaching, and research continue to develop around four axes of excellence and two frontline sectors.


Axes of excellence

  • Trauma – acute and critical care: emergency and intensive care
  • Cardiovascular health: cardiology and heart surgery
  • Respiratory health: hyperbaric medicine, oncologic pneumology, asthma, unique professional expertise in assisted ventilation
  • Mental health: services for all ages, child and geriatric psychiatry

Frontline sectors

  • Tertiary orthopaedics: trauma, spinal column, bone marrow, pelvis, upper and lower limbs
  • Minimally intrusive bariatric surgery: vertical gastrectomy, gastric bypasses with Roux-en-Y and adjustable gastric band