Policy of recognition

Recognizing the gesture and expressing gratitude!

By way of its Politique de reconnaissance des donateurs (policy of recognition of donors), the MSCHF would like to honour donors (individuals, businesses, foundations, and other bodies) who help us pursue our mission. It would also like to highlight in a tangible way their contributions.

The Politique de reconnaissance des donateurs targets the following objectives:

  • to fairly recognize donors in view of the amount and type of donation they make;
  • to increase the visibility of donors and highlight their participation in the development of the Sacré-Cœur hospital and its foundation;
  • to address the donors’ wish to be informed regarding the use of their donations;
  • to encourage donors to increase the amount of their donations or to consider making a planned donation;
  • to deepen, maintain and value our relationships with donors;
  • to honour donors who bequeath all or a part of their possessions to the MSCHF or who make any other kind of planned donation.

The new policy of recognition was updated in 2017. You can arrange to consult the policy by calling 514-338-2303.