Planned donations

Make a donation that resembles you and enjoy a few advantages!

To help donors understand the various forms of planned donations Sacré-Cœur hospital created its Programme de dons planifiés (planned donations program). It looks to provide all the information you may need regarding planned donations, to answer any questions you may have and to help you, if you so desire, with the various steps leading to the completion of your donation.

Dons planifiés

Within the framework of the program, we have prepared a series of detailed information sheets dealing with the most common forms of planned donations as well as a few tax principles. Here are the most common forms of planned donations:

  • Bequest from a will
  • Donations of shares listed on the stock exchange and other securities
  • Transfers of property or of an interest in a life insurance policy
  • Donation of an RRSP or of a RRIF
  • Donations of artwork

To get a copy of the information sheets or to discuss a question about planned donations, call Me Marie-Claude Tellier at 514 338-2303, Station 3 or write to the following email address:

Comparative chart - principle forms of donations

Consult our summary table: 

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Donation of shares listed on the stock exchange and other securities

The donation of shares listed on the stock exchange (or other securities, bonds, mutual fund shares, or stock options) is advantageous for donors who want to make a donation to the MSCHF but don’t want to use their current liquidity (cash).

It is particularly interesting when the shares or securities have significantly gained in value because the capital gains realized from the increase will be entirely tax exempt.

CLICK HERE to access our detailed information sheet.

CLICK HERE to access the donation form for shares.

Models of testamentary provisions

For the benefit of our donors, but also that of their lawyer or notary, we have prepared models of testamentary provisions for the situations our donors most frequently encounter.

CLICK HERE to see the information sheet on testamentary provision models


Transfer of property or a life insurance policy

There are several ways an insurance policy can be used to leverage the impact of a donation to the Foundation. Beyond the monetary advantages this gesture could have for you, donating the proceeds of your life insurance policy can allow you to significantly increase the amount of your donation to the Foundation, without costing you any more than the original amount you intended to give.

CLICK HERE to access information on donating a life insurance policy.