Other types of planned giving

Different types of donations that may be appropriate for you!

There are several other types of planned gifts available:

  • Transfer of property or a life insurance policy
  • Donation of an RRSP or of a RRIF
  • Donation of works of art
  • Donation flow-through share

Dons planifiés


Transfer of property or a life insurance policy

There are several ways an insurance policy can be used to leverage the impact of a donation to the Foundation.

Beyond the monetary advantages this gesture could have for you, donating the proceeds of your life insurance policy can allow you to significantly increase the amount of your donation to the Foundation, without costing you any more than the original amount you intended to give.

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Donation of an RRSP or of a RRIF

Another way to donate to the Foundation is to donate some or all of the money or securities held in your registered retirement plan, such as your RRSPs or RRIFs. 

Did you know that when you die, the total amount of all monies and other securities in your RRSP or RRIF will be added to your taxable income in the year of death? What could give rise to the payment of a large amount of tax by your estate?

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Donation of works of art

The donation of a work of art to the Foundation can help attain one of the following objectives:

  • The piece will join the Foundation’s art collection and be placed on a wall in the Sacré-Coeur and Albert Prévost hospitals and contribute to the well-being of patients and staff members;
  • The piece may be sold and the profits used to help the Foundation pursue its mission.

The mission of the visual arts committee is to receive donated works of art made by renowned artists from Quebec, to be installed on the walls of Sacré-Coeur and Albert-Prévost. Now made up of more than 250 works, the Foundation's collection of works of art has a significant impact on the environment of sectors and care units. The committee also aims to ensure that the characteristics of the works presented meet the constraints relating to a place of care before accepting this type of donation.

Regarding the donation of works of art, it is very important to know that the tax rules of the federal and provincial governments applicable to the donation of works of art are not the same. You can contact us to find out more about this.

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Other types of donations

Il existe aussi d’autres formes de dons planifiés, tel que le don d’un bien immobilier, la rente de bienfaisance, la création de fiducie, qui sont plus complexes et nécessitent une préparation plus détaillée. Bien qu’il nous fasse plaisir d’en discuter avec vous, ces dons font généralement partie d’une planification successorale élaborée, requérant l’intervention de conseillers financiers spécialisés.

Before realizing your donation

Once you have opted for one form or another of planned gifts, it is highly recommended to discuss it with an advisor who knows you or who knows your financial situation (financial planner, notary, accountant, tax specialist, etc.).

Don't hesitate to talk about it with us!

Would you like to know more or discuss any question relating to the issue of planned gifts?

We invite you to communicate with the Foundation Major and Planned Donations Director:

Me. Marie-Claude Tellier
Phone : 514 338-2303, poste #7683
Email : marie-claude.tellier.cnmtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca