Smart tablets for hospitalized patients

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Smart tablets for hospitalized patients

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Your donation is a concrete gesture to support in-patients and the health care teams.

Smart tablets to protect and especially humanize care.

The requirement to follow government guidelines during a pandemic has disrupted the lives of patients and complicated the lives of healthcare workers. This campaign aims to purchase approximately 100 electronic tablets for various sectors of the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur-de-Montréal and the Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital. This initiative by the Foundation will respond to two evident needs: to protect healthcare workers who deal with COVID-19 cases and to allow hospitalized patients and their families to have remote contact. Thanks to your help and that of partners, we hope to raise $50,000. $.

A sincere thank you to the Carmand Normand Foundation, the Gérald S. Lord Foundation and Guillevin International for their contribution !




For the intensive care unit, the emergency department and other sectors at Sacré-Cœur

These tablets will be used by staff treating patients with COVID-19. For example, a member of the healthcare team can bring the device close to a patient so that a doctor can remotely check their health and make recommendations. This allows for faster intervention in some cases and eliminates the need for the doctor to put on all the protective gear required to come into the room of an infected patient.

Also, those who are struggling for their survival in intensive care, infected or not with COVID-19, will be able to see their loved ones and hear their messages of encouragement through one of these smart tablets. It will also be possible for any other person whose state of health is very precarious to be able to communicate with the members of his entourage. This will bring comfort and a bit of humanity in this period when close ties with loved ones and support are at their bare minimum.

Dr. Patrick Bellemare,
medical chief of intensive care of the CIUSSS du NÎM

WATCH: In this exclusive video, follow Dr. Bellemare who geared with a camera, brings us inside the COVID-19 zone of the intensive care unit. 



“The COVID-19 pandemic puts us in a situation we have never seen before. We are witnessing a reality which is currently both delicate and very sad. Patients in critical care with COVID-19 fight alone against the disease, deprived of the support of their family or friends. In some cases, they did not have the time or the opportunity to see their loved ones or to have had their last contact with them. This sad reality challenged us. ”

-Dr. Patrick Bellemare, medical chief 
of intensive care of the CIUSSS du NÎM

-Caroline Riopel, critical care coordinator




For mental health at Albert-Prévost

These tablets will allow older individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, who are no longer being visited, who cannot communicate with family members, and who are not skilled with technology or patients who are followed externally in psychiatry (intensive follow-up in the community) to stay in contact with their loved ones or their healthcare professionals. It is essential for their recovery.

This communication tool is more than useful during this period, but it will also make it possible to set up in the future, notably in psychiatry, therapeutic projects of psychoeducation, individual or group therapy and behavioral activation. These electronic devices will also allow patients to be taught, by viewing clips and online workshops, relaxation techniques, to involve them in physical exercise sessions, to offer personalized learning in meditation and to provide cognitive stimulation to patients with various cognitive disorders.



“Urgent in these times of COVID-19, essential when we are back to a certain normalcy, these iPads will allow us to increase and optimize our internal care offered. In a context of chronic shortage of staff, this project of obtaining tablets in order to modernize our service offer to the most vulnerable populations appears to be a source of hope.”

-Dr. Nathalie Shamlian, geropsychiatrist at Albert-Prévost Mental Health Hospital




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