Sleep On It

Sleep On It

I support the Canadian sleep campaign

The Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network, the Canadian Sleep Society, Fondation Sommeil and Wake-up Narcolepsy Canada, i.e. all the Canadian intelligentsia on sleep, have joined forces to launch Dormez là-dessus – Sleep on it! a bilingual Canadian campaign to promote the importance of sleep to maintain good health.

Our Foundation is proud to support this initiative put in place by Sacré-Coeur researchers in collaboration with their partners. The campaign was launched across Canada on September 24th 2019 at the World Sleep Congress in Vancouver.

This awareness campaign aims to promote the importance of sleep to maintain good health, to demystify sleep difficulties, and to offer solutions to patients.

The campaign’s objective is to promote two key messages:

  • Sleep is crucial for physical, emotional and cognitive health. To stay healthy, it is as important to sleep well as to eat well and be physically active.
  • There are many sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, sleepwalking, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and shift work sleep disorder. Fortunately, there are solutions for each one!

This campaign will provide the population – including members of the public who suffer from sleep disorders – scientifically valid knowledge presented in a simple and original way.

The Canadian sleep campaign needs your help to develop new content on specific topics related to sleep and new tools to help patients suffering from sleep disorders.

If you are a corporation and you would like to become an official sponsor or partner of the national campaign, please click here.

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