Annual Fundraising Campaign

Annual Fundraising Campaign

Sacré-Coeur Hospital is a living environment where practice, research, knowledge, innovation, sharing and passion come together! The excellence and expertise of the teams in many spheres are undeniable.

Its status as a university hospital center makes an exceptional contribution to improving the treatment and care offered to patients.


Thanks for teaming up with us !
Your donations make great things happen at Sacré-Coeur.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Dr. Sébastien Ba Thien Nguyen. I am a pulmonologist at the Montreal Sacré-Coeur Hospital. I feel privileged to address you, the donors of the Foundation.

This is a unique opportunity for me to remind you that without the Foundation, the new endoscopy pulmonology room could not be equipped with so much state-of-the-art technology. As you probably already know, respiratory health is one of Sacré-Coeur’s areas of excellence and we are doing everything we can to keep it that way. The good news is that the future looks promising!

We will soon have new respiratory endoscopy equipment that will push the boundaries of bronchoscopy and will allow us to treat lung cancers more effectively. Also, a fellowship program will allow pulmonologists to go externally for training and come back to Sacré-Coeur with very specialized knowledge. In the recent Liaison newsletter prepared by the Foundation, you will be able to read about the generous donor who is behind these initiatives.

Don’t forget that it is the sum of all these donations that allows our team of experts to have the right tools to diagnose and treat, as well as to set up programs that attract a new generation of high-quality healthcare professionals. You allow us to provide our patients with these benefits, and for that I am very grateful.t.

Dr. Sébastien Ba Thien Nguyen
Respiratory Endoscopy Medical Officer



New technologies for the endoscopy department

Endoscopy or fibroscopy is a medical examination that allows the doctor to explore the inside of an organ or a body cavity by introducing an endoscope. The endoscope is a thin, flexible tube containing optical fibers, at the end of which is a lamp and a small camera. Several medical specialties, including pulmonology, use this examination to diagnose cancer or other pathologies. Pneumology, gastroenterology and urology are the medical fields that use this type of examination the most. In fact, in the new Endoscopy Unit located in the basement of the Integrated Trauma Centre, there are rooms reserved for each of these three specialties.

It was during his internship in internal medicine at the Montreal Sacré-Coeur Hospital that Dr. Sébastien Nguyen fell in love with pneumology. He was particularly inspired by Dr. André Cartier and Dr. Catherine Lemière, true pillars of the Respiratory Department. “It is inspiring to be able to work with professors who have passed on all their knowledge to me. Today, they are my colleagues, who are not only outstanding clinicians, but also internationally renowned researchers.”

Dr. Nguyen has been practicing at Sacré-Coeur for 7 years. His passion is interventional pulmonology, which uses minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat lung cancer, pleural disease and many types of complex airway and lung disorders. “What I really like about interventional pulmonology is being able to improve a patient’s condition quickly. I find it immensely gratifying when I see a patient who is so out of breath at the beginning and then feels much better right after leaving the room after an endoscopic procedure,” says the pulmonologist. 

He also appreciates that technological advances are constantly pushing the boundaries of bronchoscopy. Thanks to the knowledge and skills he acquired during his sub-specialization in interventional pulmonology and the acquisition of various pieces of equipment through the Foundation, Dr. Nguyen has introduced new endoscopic techniques at Sacré-Coeur. This makes it a reference centre for interventional pulmonology. “We’re in an era of very personalized medicine. We really want to know the profile of the cancer, its signature. We’re really into more revolutionary diagnostic modalities, such as robotic bronchoscopy. This is a technology that is very new and very popular in the United States. My dream is that the Sacré-Coeur Respiratory Endoscopy team will be able to procure such equipment in the future to revolutionize the way we diagnose and treat lung cancer,” explained Dr. Sébastien Nguyen.



Thank you to all the doctors and the Sacré-Coeur teams for their passion, dedication and the self-sacrifice that they give every day.

Know that your donations are a concrete way to express your gratitude and to help them accomplish miracles.

Thank you for your support!

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