Annual Fundraising Campaign

Annual Fundraising Campaign

Sacré-Coeur Hospital is a living environment where practice, research, knowledge, innovation, sharing and passion come together! The excellence and expertise of the teams in many spheres are undeniable.

Its status as a university hospital center makes an exceptional contribution to improving the treatment and care offered to patients.


Thanks for teaming up with us !

« I am a professor and researcher. In 2019, I became the director of the amazing team of researchers at the Montréal Sacré-Cœur Hospital.

I am pleased to be able to deliver this message of hope to you. Great things are happening right now in research, teaching and innovation, particularly at Sacré-Cœur. Through your donations, you greatly support these aspects of our university mission and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.

In my position, I have the opportunity to work with several exceptional researchers with complementary expertise, who work in a context that encourages collaboration. I also have the opportunity to contribute to the training of a solid next generation of scientists.

I am very proud of the quality of the research being done at our institution, particularly in our core areas of sleep, trauma and acute care, as well as in the crucial area of chronic disease. What is important to us is that every patient is able to benefit from the best research-based care.

Our new Integrated Trauma Centre, which will open its doors very soon, will also promote these advances in this field of medicine. We can be proud of Sacré-Cœur’s people who, thanks to their visionary spirit, are at the origin of this unique centre in Canada, which brings together the three university mandates assigned to our Hospital: clinical, teaching and research.»

 - Daniel Sinnett, Ph.D., Director of Research, Teaching and Innovation


Research, the real hope for the advancement of care.


The Foundation, thanks to his generous donors and his annual fundraising campaing:

  • Provides state-of-the-art equipment for nursing teams.
  • Allows the realization of important projects for the comfort of the patients.
  • Support teaching by purchasing simulation mannequins or other software
  • Supports the work of several promising researchers.

All this with one big goal: to improve care and treatment.



Dr. Patrick Bellemare, medical chief of Intensive Care, and his team are on the front lines to fight the COVID-19 virus, since March 2020.

Dr. Patrick Bellemare is an intensive care physician specializing in pneumology at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital and has been practicing for nearly 25 years. Thanks to him we were able to get the first images of the major transformation experienced in the Hospital.

Thanks for teaming up with us !

« I am the leader of the wonderful and dedicated intensive care team at Sacré-Coeur Hospital. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. The first weeks of 2021 are not much easier to get through with this second wave hitting hard and still not over.  

I know that in recent months there have been many acts of generosity and great support in various fundraising campaigns led by the Foundation. All your donations have allowed the purchase of additional medical equipment, smart tablets to allow patients to communicate with their loved ones, as well as protective equipment for our health care teams. Believe me when I say, it has helped us tremendously in delivering more humane care and protect our caregivers and patients.

In addition, by giving to the Foundation, you have made it possible to support the work of our research center located in Sacré-Coeur. Several colleagues from my team and I have been able to use data collected by our researchers to more effectively care for patients with COVID-19 and thus save lives.

Thank you for continuing to give. It is together, as a team, that we can have the upper hand, not only over COVID-19, but many other diseases as well. »

 - Dr. Patrick Bellemare, medical chief of Intensive Care


Exclusives images ! 

On February 4th, 2021, Dr. Bellemare gave us access once more to a COVID hot zone during a televised episode of ‘’J.E’’. He generously agreed to use cameras to show us what was happening at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital since the arrival of the first COVID-19 patients, when no journalists or visitors could access the hospitals.

The first time was in April 2020. Dr. Patrick Bellemare was the subject of a report on Radio-Canada. He get the first images taken in a COVID hot zone, highlighted the dedication of our caring experts, our guardian angels.





Thanks for teaming up with us !

« We can realise great things at Sacré-Cœur, thanks to your donations. As the brand new Integrated Trauma Centre (ITC) that will open this fall.

Unique in Canada, the ITC will be a place that will promote teamwork in the critical care and trauma sector and will respond to the three academic mandates of Sacré-Cœur Hospital: Clinical (care), research and teaching. The result of hard work by a passionate people. »

 - Dr. Ronald Denis


The new building will also house the Mother-Child Unit and Endoscopy Unit.



Thank you for your support!

Donors of this campaign

Mr. Réjean Marcotte | $ 100.00

Mr. Bertrand Lachance | $ 20.00

Ms. Anne Boyer | $ 75.00

Ms. Manon Belleville | $ 150.00

Don en hommage à Robert Viaud décédé le 13 décembre 2021. De la famille...

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