Example of donations

There is every reason to give!

Many occasions lend themselves to collecting donations or even making one yourself. Thus can you give back to the hospital that has already given much to the community.

A few ideas:

  • Organize an activity, show, supper, or golf tournament and get your network of contacts to make a donation;
  • ask your guests to make a contribution to the MSCHF instead of giving you a present at special occasions (christening, anniversary, marriage);
  • replace the traditional gift-souvenir for newlyweds and use the money to make a donation to the MSCHF in their name instead;
  • during the festive season, make a generous gesture by donating to the MSCHF in your colleagues’ and your clients’ name and give them the tax receipt;
  • take part in a movement like Mardi je donne (Tuesday I give), which takes place in November, the day after CyberMonday to give to the cause of your choice the savings you have managed to put aside.