Donations of works of art work

Art as a gift!

The donation of a work of art to the MSCHF can help attain one of the following objectives:

  • the piece will join the MSCHF art collection and be placed on a wall in the hospital and contribute to the well-being of patients and staff members;
  • the piece may be sold and the profits used to help the MSCHF pursue its mission.

Since the end of 2013, the MSCHF proudly displays the works of its permanent collection on the hospital walls. Each year, new works are added to the collection making more pleasant the surroundings of those who frequent the establishment.

A permanent committee comprising representatives of the MSCHF and art lovers meets regularly to consider the proposed donations of art work. One of this initiative’s aims is to collect and present the works of known Quebec artists. Another aim is to ensure that the characteristics of the proposed works appropriately meet the constraints of a care establishment.