A university component

Research and training is concrete too 

At Sacré-Cœur hospital, 170 regular research personnel and associates and 175 master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral students are at work doing research on concussions, sleep disorders, the development of orthopedic prostheses, cardio-vascular rehabilitation, asthma at work, etc.

Research in three sectors:

  • Chronic illnesses
    encompasses research done in cardiology, nephrology, pneumology, exercise science, and bariatric surgery
  • Neurophysiology
    encompasses research done in sleep disorders, mental health, and neurocardiology
  • Trauma – acute care
    encompasses research done in pre-hospital, emergency and intensive care, and in surgery

By reason of its specialties, ultra-specialties, university component, and simulation equipment, Sacré-Cœur hospital offers a stimulating learning environment for the over 4,600 medical trainees it receives every year. The patients benefit by enjoying cutting-edge care in a safe milieu.

Document about teaching/training

The hospital stands out in terms of teaching:

  • over 4,677 internships at the university, college, or professional levels
  • over 28 disciplines
  • more than 175,000 hours of supervision
  • first two hospital simulation laboratories
  • 1,442 individuals having received simulation training

Document about research